16nm ASIC Chip

Welcome to the future of mining.




BitFury custom designed new 16nm SHA256 ASIC to deliver the maximum performance and efficiency possible with 16nm technology. Boasting 8162 hash cores on a single die – it is the best solution as the block reward halving approaches the summer of 2016.

Bitfury recently announced their new 16nm Mining Chip which could change BTC mining dramitically in 2016. The network difficutly and network hashrate have climed exponetially already within the last 6-8 months and not expected to slow down anytime soon. The addition of using new devices using this chip on the network will definetely increase both of those factors and add to the overall rarity and difficutly of obtaining on top of the rewards halving expected in July 2016.

Bitfury also is providing a data center solution that is 12x-16x times the total network hashrate today if even one unit is turned on. Thats right 12-16 PH/s for one of these things!

The BitFury containerized data center cost–effectively delivers a dozen petahashes of Bitcoin transaction processing hash power in just 400 square feet. This revolutionary product opens up new opportunities for monetization of Bitcoin.

Key Features

  • 40 foot environmentally sealed marine container
  • 10 foot power container with transformer(s) and PDU
  • Latest generation proprietary immersion cooling technology for data tanks
  • Latest BitFury 16nm chips for total hashpower of 12PH/s, 1.5MW (rev1) or 16PH/s, 2MW (rev2)
  • Low operating cost due to industry record low PUE of 1.03


What kind of impact do you think this large jump in mining power will have on Bitcoin prices? Will people realize its about to be very hard to get BTC from mining at home anymore, even with the best devices on the market today?