Bitmain announced today that it is not going to reveal the new Antminer S3’s to the public today. Many were refreshing their site today to see if the info was live, but no changes were made.

Later it was announced on their page that they would not be able to show us pricing and delivery related information or offer the opportunity to order it yet.

We planned to open sales for AntMiner S3 today. But we have to say sorry here, as we still need one week time to make a promise, which is 100% sure to be fulfilled. 

Thanks for your support and waiting, and we will make one new product that is stable, reliable and high ROI to the Bitcoin community. – Bitmain Rep.

Bitmain is known to create some of the best ROI equipment that is stable and is delivered on time. This little setback is not a major concern especially if you consider the majority of related companies in the same market are barely able to produce satisfied customers on any level.