Ethereum annouced this month that they have started the eπ: Etherum on Raspberry Pi Programme. The news release states, “As part of our programme, we’re offering a full-kit for placing a full Ethereum node on the internet to communities around the world. Included in the kit is a Raspberry Pi (version 2), power connector and SD card preloaded with all software required to run an Ethereum Frontier node. The only thing that must be supplied by the applicant is power and internet.”Raspberry-Pi-II

It also mentions that this step is part of their drive to introduce Ethereum to the, “far corners of the world, not to mention demonstrate the potential for embedded blockchain technology (even without light-nodes).”

You can sign up for the free kit here – Sign up for the Free Etherum Raspberry Pi Programme. This Google docs sign up form expresses,“This form was created inside of Ethereum” in the bottom right corner.

Other Ethereum news announcements show that Olympic is in action showing live stats on the Etherum Dev Stats page. Take a look.

If you would like to get some Ether for FREE Gavin Wood announced on the blog, “I’ve set up an Ether Faucet on Olympic (named as such in the Ethereum name registry), so go ahead and bag yourself a bit of free Ether!”