The next world wide Major Economic changes coming could be drastically different in next coming months.

Is Gold with $40,000/ounce argument from a author. – Forbes Magazine

Gold and Silver are falling in prices far below what is expected. Gold and silver prices still continue to be believed to be held down by the larger controlling markets and speculation to keep the prices at more desirable levels.

Many true gold experts think the price of gold today should be $18500-3500 per ounce  at least due to the use and scarcity at a minimum. Today an ounce of gold is quoted as $1096.

la pampa


The true price of gold

TechKnow senior producer Laura LeBlanc reports on the hidden costs of our most valuable treasures June 4, 2015 11:00PM ET 

In January 2015

Since January, I’ve been working with Phil Torres investigating the impact of illegal gold mining on the Peruvian Amazon.  I have a few pieces of gold myself – odds and ends, old gold stud earrings and a chain or two – and until working on this story, I had never thought twice about their origins.  I also have a lot of silver jewelry.  It’s cheaper than gold and I prefer the aesthetics.  But I can’t tell you much about where most of that came from either.  And I wouldn’t be thinking or writing about this now, if I hadn’t spent two weeks in the Peruvian Amazon, experiencing the breath-taking wonder of the rainforest and the heartbreaking devastation illegal gold mining is wreaking on it.

la pampa

Phil Torres surveys the devastation from illegal gold mining in La Pampa, in the Madre de Dios region of Peru

“There’s people who are buying gold and who don’t care where the gold comes from or how it was produced.  They should care and they should know,” said Ernesto Ráez-Luna, former adviser to Peru’s Ministry of Environment.

Illegal gold mining has laid waste to more than 100,000 acres of Peruvian rainforest, and the rate of destruction has tripled since gold prices made their meteoric rise in 2007.  Land isn’t the only thing being devastated by the practice, either. It has brought other ills, including drugs, violence and human trafficking.

Supply and demand calculations seems to show it, gold, should be higher while the markets or owners of those markets/banks can keep it at levels they desire which seems very unfair. Example Article: Gold’s greatest attribute is that of a fear barometer.  When investors are concerned about the longer-term economic outlook they invariably turn to gold as a safe haven.  This was true in the 1970s when investors worried over the impact of runaway inflation; it was also evident in the previous decade when they had many concerns about war, terrorism and the global economy.  When investors are less fearful, however, gold loses its luster as safe havens are ignored in favor of riskier assets.  This, and not some well organized gold conspiracy, is why gold’s price has been declining since 2011.

Whats Next?:

2015 Changes to the IMF reserve currency: If China gets acceptance and suprasses the US in the beginning as the worlds leader in best loans and rates it will drastically lopside power to the home country of communism and confirm disregard for less freedoms for everyone.

China is awaiting acceptance into the IMF reserve fund  around October 15th and if that happens its expected everything involved with China will get an increase in price as it will surpass the US dollar in funds and loans that can be asserted with low interest rates. China has obtained more gold in the last 10 years than any country. In efforts to confirm they have the actual backing of something, China is creating an example of true economic power not seen in the history of mankind.

If markets fall and gold and silver are drawn upon for more reliable transactions that would be sad but it also seems a move forward since we now have digital asset systems in place that are used and can take over in that roll and reduce costs in trading world wide.

After that, next year Bitcoin will half in rewards and should bring a boost in price to the system and as we have seen should be even more relevant than previous years and have a real impact.

Whats next?