Top Rated Exchanges

As of 8-10-17 our top rated CryptoCurreny Exchanges are listed below.


1. Coinbase – You can buy or sell Bitcoin, ETH, LTC here. They are one of the originals with strong trust factors in the coin community and secure & insured storage options . Do you need any other coins?

2. Bittrex – Bitterex is a growing site offering many altcoins not found on other exchanges and providing some good overall reliability for traders.

3. Kraken – A highly trusted group and platform that continues to provide great service and adds new coins as they can add them.


4.  Poloniex – Poloniex takes fourth with being somewhat reliable and mediocre coin availability list. There has been some lack of support and site issues occurring in 2017 but so far it seems it might have been just because of the large amount of new users joining and needing the help. Good trading site design and easy to use if everything is working right. Hopefully it can settle these issues.

Poloniex Digital Asset Exchange