On July 1st, the online retailer known for its electronics and software deals and top rated services, is now accepting Bitcoin.

It has been a steady paced race in 2014 for the acceptance of Bitcoin. Newegg is just one of many large online businesses to accept the digital currency. It seems the idea of using Bitcoin appealed to the company and they have jumped on board and made world wide access to electronics by means of using crypto-currencies., another electronics online retailers, broke the news earlier this year that they were accepting Bitcoin after the CEO forced his teams to be locked down in a working status until they figured out how to use the digital currency.

Explanations on the Newegg promotions website help describe how-to-order using Bitcoin with instructions and videos about Bitcoin itself.

This is another big leap for Bitcoin in a real world market application and should help boost overall thoughts about it’s viability in the markets. Other leading online retailers have already mentioned they are working on plans to begin accepting Bitcoin including Ebay and others.

The large amounts of customers from the list of companies accepting Bitcoin is a strong positive move to global acceptance and should not be taken lightly. Who is next in the Bitcoin race? Will Wal-Mart or start accepting Bitcoin in 2014?