Nushares tweeted and posted on facebook about the recent surge in price after their successful blockchain share buyback plan and their future ideas to be #1 in the crypto space.

NuShares Twitter Feed

What is a blockchain share buyback?

According to the Nubits forum, “The only goal of this account is to purchase as many NSR as possible each buyback week to be destroyed using the funds provided by shareholders. A successful NSR burn will result in all shareholders attaining a larger equity percentage of the Nu network than they held before the NSR burn.”

Nushare Buyback info

They also note, “This account will be conducting NSR buybacks in accordance with this motion. Each buyback week a new thread will be created for shareholders to monitor. At the conclusion of the week the final results will be posted here along with a confirmation link showing the NSR burn. The thread will then be locked.”

“If you would like to sell us your personal NSR for less than 70% of the market price each week, send a bitmessage to BM-2cVFzzfWwKkdxLmgZwhSFfGmKwqDrddDfv to negotiate a deal.

Previous Buybacks:

Buyback #1: Week of September 28, 2015 (3)
Buyback #2: Week of October 5, 2015
Buyback #3: Week of October 12, 2015
Buyback #4: Week of October 19, 2015
Buyback #5: Week of October 26, 2015
Buyback #6: Week of November 2, 2015 (6)”

The other Nushares messages also mention a mandatory upgrade, release 2.0.2 for all Nu users. So make sure you get updated.

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