Recently, Potcoin made upgrades to their offical website to include price charts, media sources, investor information, and more. They appear to have an active development team who is reaching out to the community of the world in getting more acceptance of their coin.


Old Potcoin Logo


New Potcoin Logo


Not only did they change the website but a new  rebranding of their logo appeared on the upgraded site as well. This may have been done to help reach others outside the enthusiastic Potcoin community with marketing and overall brand appeal. Currently no comments on this have been confirmed when trying to reach them directly.


The development team seems to have been working hard since the creation of this coin and their growth and embrace of the ever expanding acceptance of legalized marijuana use and current community reach appear as real strengths for the future of this coin.

Merchants Accepting Potcoin

Currently their website presents a list of growing merchants who are now accepting Potcoin as payments. We here at BITCOINGALAXY.US also plan to accept Potcoin soon in the future.

Recent Market Growth

Over the last week (June 12 – June 19) Potcoin has doubled in value resting at a current price of $0.011015 as of today. When this coin was launched, projections and hopes from the coin developers were that they could get this coin to around $1.00/Potcoin and it appears they have the tools in place to continue jumping up in value and possibly reaching that mark if the good news continues to roll in for them.

What does the future have in store for Potcoin and other Alt-Coins? We shall see…