Ribbit.me, a universal loyalty solution built on blockchain technology (“RibbitRewards™ are tradable, blockchain-based loyalty tokens.”), now is an added investment option for a short time on Banktothefuture.com. This new token/blockchain solution for the rewards industry is trying to tap into the market which is valued at $65 Billion in the US alone and expected to be $100 Billion in five years per a Colloquy market research report they mention in the investment pitch details.


What may be most interesting is their partnership with FIS, the worlds largest Banking & Payments technology provider, as mentioned in the image. This connection as stated on the investment page says, “Our work with FIS will put us in a very strong position and will command the attention of Buyers.”

3Q 2016 – Expected launch of pilot with FIS.
(Worlds largest Banking & Payments technology provider)

Stated on the the investment details marketing page Ribbit.me already has a signed deal with Boloro, a mobile payment network operator, expected to launch the second quarter of 2016.

2Q 2016 – Expected launch of MVP with Boloro
(Mobile Payment Network Operator)


Another way to invest.

The RibbitRewards token is currently only trading on Bittrex.com, around the 40-50 satoshi level and is another way to get invested without having to spend the $1000 minimum that Banktothefuture.com requires to get started.