Updates today from Storjcoin are reporting the opening of Driveshare Test Group B Plan. Information is as follows.

Test Group B is the first time we will be rewarding DriveShare users for participating in the Storj network. In this test group we will be specifically testing out reward mechanisms, and expanding the storage capacity of the network as a whole. Based on the community discussions, we wanted to publish our plan for review and comments.
Scaling Network Capacity
To get the most out of Test Group B we need to have larger capacity requirements to ensure that nodes/farmers are providing storage space in a scalable manner. The key milestones of Test Group B will be expanding this storage capacity, and making sure our verification and auditing algorithms scale as well. So we define the capacity milestones as follows:

  1. 100GB: 100 peers, storing 1 GB each.
  2. 100TB: Using the same farmers we would scale the limits for each user to about 1 TB.
  3. 1PB: We will make sure to have an ample amount of farmers before we try to reach this milestone. The capacity limits per farmer will most likely be lifted at this point, or greatly expanded.

At the end of the crowdsale we had about 5,000 newsletter subscribers. We are now approaching 15,000 subscribers. It is safe to say that the reach of our project has grown considerably. Most of the focus will be on Test Group B, which means extending the timeline for Test Group C. Rather than leave these people out, which would not be very considerate, we adopted a structure that will allow these users to join Test Group B to the benefit of all.

Rewards will be tiered based on the capacity milestone we are reaching. We want to start with smaller rewards and tier up as we reach capacity milestones. So more data, more farmers, more rewards. Rewards will not start until we first reach the 100 GB milestone. 1,000,000 SJCX will be provided for the entire testing phase, with more being provided by new participants.
Based on our Test Group A data, we are re-architecting a few things. We expect to have the first capacity milestone met in the next 2 months. Stay tuned for our further updates.