14nm Tablets from Intel: Expected End of 2014

According to Wikipedia 14nm chip technology would not be a viable option until 2014 when it is projected to arrive in the tech market.

Intel seems to be on pace of that projection and leading in chip progression as the recent news of their Broadwell CPU hit the market in June, aimed at tablets.

Intel President Renée James showed off a new 14nm tablet design that showcased Intel’s Broadwell CPU. Dubbed the Core M, this chip could be a fundamental game changer for Santa Clara, for one simple reason — it will allow the company to finally build big-core x86 devices that fit into form factors thin enough to compete with current Android, Apple, and Windows tablets based on its own Bay Trail. 2014

Most Bitcoin mining equipment currently uses a range of 28nm type chips to create the devices now that support the Bitcoin network. If the 14nm technology was available today for mining devices it appears we would have 2-3 times the hashing power at half the cost in power.

Recently we found news that an engineer posted a new project on indiegogo.com stating he is looking for funding to create the first ever 14nm Bitcoin machines that would increase mining hash rates while reducing wattage as expected. That is great tech news for the entire industry. Is it reasonable that the project will be successful, we do not know.

Currently we are all awaiting news from Bitmain today about the new S3 Miners and delivery dates and hoping they are the best option now. 14nm might be the next step but no one knows how long that will take to come to reality. It is a bit amazing that an engineer in somewhere NJ has the knowledge and ability ablitly to start a project to do such a huge leap in mining equipment while major companies with current financial resources are not even mentioning it and selling users equipment that will soon be useless.


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