As 2014 has shown there have been a major increase in new alt-coin creations and wanna-be’s.  Which coins appear to have the top mojo? We breakdown the top 10 alt-coin list again in our end of year segment, top 10 altcoins.


1. Ripple – this coin appears to have grown in popularity over the last 6 months incredibly. The amount of volume and market cap growth makes it a for sure #2 at this point. It is working with a few obscure banks to directly work with fiat and blockchain tech but its still just as questionable as the CEO this year that all but gave up and wanted to sell out all the shares he had in this and not much info has cleared that up for us but it is on our minds.

2. Litecoin – Litecoin was a competition to Bitcion in previous years but as we know it is just a simple coin that we  all can trade in most places but not be so easy to trade in the future. The adoption of Dogecoin as a secondary coin that you can mine was instrumental in both coins future to make sure they stay around a bit longer than others. Most don’t know what this coin can do for the future but be a leader in the scrypt market is what it is.

3. Dogecoin – As mentioned, Dogecoin is now merged with Litcoin and has created a dynamic we all wished would happen or similar but the effects seem to be still just minor. As the overall market grows these coins could be major charity and fun coins but still continue normal trading volume that we see.

4. Counterparty – This coin is possibly the greatest option to the list of cyrpto-currencies this year. made a choice to work the developers of this coin than any other coin to help build the first true decentralized trading platform on earth that uses the blockchain technology and shows overall accountability to make it work. Many other top coins work on the Counterparty technology and make them all better for doing so.

5. Storjcoin – The internet and how we use it is going to change as we know it. Storjcoin is one of those coins and systems that are apart of that. They are creating the first decentralized storage system and appear to be major leaders in that category. Currently they are in BETA test modes and working with alpha testers to ensure they have a strong network. This process of having live testers and users worldwide confirm the system works is a great reason they are on the way to possibly being top 3 worldwide next year.

6. Maidsafe – The future of the internet rest in the hands of projects like Maidsafe. A coin and secure system based on using the internet in general. Connections created using Maidsafe appear to be the de-centralized internet that we all just share and use anonymously but benefit if we all use it are the reason even any coin might make it. If we all adopt and use it will be based on how easy to use it is and how secure it is. Maidsafe seems to be that future.

7. Darkcoin – One of the originators of anonymity, Darkcoin still appears to be leading the edge in making smart software to allow us all trade and move money as we choose without third parties bugging us. Long live the freedom.

8. Namecoin – If the systems of Storjcoin and Maidsafe are going to work they also need a complete de-centralized DNS system to begin steps with and Namecoin appears to be a leader there. As it appears, they have been around a long time but as the website describes, Namecoin is a decentralized open source information registration and transfer system based on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. That info alone makes it a possible huge player in the future as a player in a decentralized system that we all want to work with.

9. NextCoin – This coin has many possibilities and has been the basic coding of other coins that want to use its systems to be more than just a coin. Nextcoin is pushing as others are to be the future of trading and value just as much as any other optoin out there and they have time, experience, and have moved to work with others. There are coins higher on this list that use Nextcoin as a service and are tied in directly to the future of how they work.

10. Potcoin – When it comes to freedom and free will this coin should take the cake. It is very low in price now but could be a major factor in legal marijuana sales in the future, everyday use is just sitting on the table waiting for dispensaries and others to catch on. The only thing not understood is why they don’t use it. Businesses involved with the legal marijuana industry already have issues with banks that prevent help moving money. Bitcion/Potcoin seems to be the easy answer  yet we do not hear much about them using this option as much as traditional forms at this point. What we expect is that every company worldwide will use this in the related industry to move products and evolve into the next generation. It’s so obvious and easy to use. If you are a dispensary or related industry this is a “CALL OUT” to wake up and use what is in front of your face instead of banks.Get indirectly involved using a third party system like Potcoin.


If you have thoughts on other top coins you think should have been in the list let us know.Get ready for 2015, here comes thBitcoin revolution/adoption.