In January 2014, altcoins were the craze. Dogecoin was blowing up social media, Bitcoin meetings, news articles, and many others followed. Although Dogecoin did a great job at making sure a lot of people knew about it, crypto-currencies in general were and still are considered a little bit taboo. There seemed to be only one question. Who could make a coin to rival Bitcoin? Since 2014, hundreds of new coins have been created and gone live to mine or trade. How many survived?

Many are still around, but how many are worth it to miners and traders to own and trade?  Most or none of the known altcoins are really providing some exponentially greater value than Bitcoin. Some greater change long in the future may provide that great leap but as of now it appears Bitcoin is the leader still.

Not sure it will take more convincing than the amount of money being invested in Bitcoin in 2014. Already Bitcoin has surpassed all of the entire 2013 total investments and plans are to continue increasing in the foreseeable future.

It already has the leading edge in visibility, publicity, and overall appeal. The price helps the appeal but it appears other’s that are doing their homework  are seeing that it will continue to lead.

Another factor that leads investors into buying the ideas of bitcoin expansion are similar reasons we all trade every other coin to BTC. We do see LTC and a few other scattered trading style platforms for a few other top rated coins but we all know in the end we trade it for BTC.

The expansion of newer coins has created promise for many altcoins, don’t get me wrong. Here is a list of our top 10 altcoins and reasons why to invest for the future.

  1. Potcoin – Maybe the single most obvious reason is the growth of legal dispensaries, the sales numbers coming from states and countries that allow legal sales of the products, increasing changes in decriminalization of the substance, and the overall growing acceptance of the use of marijuana.
  2. Litecoin – Before Litecoin people knew about Pot(weed), so Litecoin could not be the #1 position as we know the weed community is very strong worldwide and no one ever heard of Litecoin until it was created.  It still has the strongest #2 position currently in market cap and continues to add usage with many sites adding it as options to buy products and markets online are allowing more LTC related trading options.
  3. Nextcoin – Possibly one of the biggest underdogs based on its POS and trading only options of acquiring. It makes miners not as interested in the coin, but it excites traders that it is a leader in the top arena on the market cap and has what appears to be a very strong and dedicated development team who are dedicated for the long haul to make applications and the future of cryptocurrencies brighter.
  4. Dogecoin – Its popularity and usage is known throughout the crypto-culture as impressive. Charity and giving are the name of the game and Dogecoin rules when it comes to being a leader in the market. Although some other coins may actually donate higher than Dogecoin, the one you hear about is Dogecoin.
  5. Darkcoin – being anonymous has made Darkcoin a big star as of lately. Finding a reason to not like the idea is very hard. Followers have swarmed in numbers and continue to add to the non-asic style mining and support the coin as its developers continue to impress and create.
  6. Megacoin – although many have almost forgot this coin, many should look at the charts as this coin continues to stay in the top tier of coins and has a strong backing from Mega related site users and what could be possible investors as the network already created here is attractive to future growth possibilities.
  7. Einsteinium – although Peercoin has a much higher market cap than EMC2, coins with a purpose and attractive options for helping built into them are great ideas and could be just what is needed to get past all the rhetoric of new coins and jargon. Making a case for EMC2 is as simple as saying, it helps promote science in general which is better than other coins that just do Solar or specific ideas.
  8. PeerCoin – $ 37,211,648 Market cap, a history of top leaders in volume, innovators of minting algorithm use, additional rewards to users in the long haul that benefit everyone worldwide. Not much to complain about this coin.
  9. Primecoin & CureCoin – Two coins with a purpose more than money are tied for the #9 position. Coins with a purpose seem like great ideas that will last. As bitcoin continues to pull away from the pack, miners and enthusiasts will still want to use their power/voice in helping with great ideas like this and investments could be reasonable actions to back them up.
  10. FlutterCoin & MyriadCoin – If these two coins merged for mining they would be what anyone with a crypto mind would think is incredibly impressive. Being able to mine with any type of device or system, and then adding the POS and POT factors of Flutter coin as a reward seemed to us as the biggest sleeper, hopeful, mining combo ever. Otherwise, make a coin that does all this and it might be a new contender to Bitcoin!


Share your thoughts with us. What do you think the Top 10 List should look like for the future of cryptocurrencies?